Love Quotes

Don’t bring people close to your heart, bcoz
the problem with the close 1 is that,
They know where to hit exactly !!

Love Is that easy to find someone..
It can’t be love when we searched and find the love
It has to happen of its own accord
It has to hit us
make us to spin………..

Don’t expect more from her. Expectation is the one which leads to failure in life…

A best relationship is made up of two forgivers…

Not all the guys in the world is wished by a true love in life and i think i’m not in the list so….

Try to get not addicted to anybody or anything in life to lead a calm and happy life…

Do you know nature made eyes in pair, ears in pair, hands and legs in pair and heart as single. It’s just to find it’s pair…

sometimes i felt i’m missing something in my life. Then i searched for that and finally i found that one i missed. unfortunately it’s started well and later it’s not good for me and it leaves me as hurted…

—- some of them are written by me…


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