I Movie Review

Vikram plays the role of Lingeswaran and his aim is to become a popular body builder like Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He works hard to fulfil his dream.

Vikram plays a village boy role in this film. Amy Jackson goes to her village (also Vikram’s village) after 16 years. Amy and Vikram are best friends in the childhood and slowly the duo falls in love each other. Vikram will be inspired by seeing the photos of Amy Jackson who is a model and he too wants to become model.

In the mean time, Amy is chosen as brand Ambassador for MNC and she is also the promotional model for Olympics Beijing. Earlier, a young man, Amen, was the promotional model and this made Amen angry man. He plans to destroy the name of Amy Jackson and he releases the spam video of Amy in the market. This in-turn affected Amen.

Amen decided to use chemical on Amy and he prepares the medicine. He wants to test the chemical before applying on Amy Jackson. For that, Amen chooses Vikram and applies chemical on him. By using this Chemical, Vikram turns more handsome and he became top model in the world. So, Amy and Vikram decide to express their love as they became top models. But here comes the big twist in the tale.

The chemical injected into the body of Vikram becomes more poisonous and begins its side effects on Vikram. Vikram turns as beast, even nobody identifies him. On one day, Vikram knows the fact that Amen has used some dangerous chemical on him. He also comes to know the truth that Amen is trying to apply the same chemical on Amy.

By seeing Vikram’s new getup, Amy hates Vikram and decided to marry businessman. Vikram kidnaps Amy Jackson to save Amy from Amen. What happens to Vikram? Will he return back to original get up? Forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performance:

Vikram keeps a lot of effort to give 100% to his character. He has given his best in whatever he does. Vikram suited for all the get-ups a long haired thick moustached body builder, a handsome hunk, a burly beast and a violent hunchback with an ugly face.

Amy Jackson does not have a challenging role but she is glamorous in the film. She performed well, although it is her Tamil debut. Remaining cast of the film is perfect in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

Vikram’s outstanding performance

Amy Jackson glamour

Stunts and Visuals

Music and BGM

Minus Points:

Second half moves at slow pace


The concept and Vikram’s multiple get-ups with world-class technical elements are promising and give a fresh experience and wholesome entertainment. The director Shankar has roped in some international personalities to choreograph the action scenes. Hair raising sequences are involved in ‘I’ movie.


Shankar’s ‘I’ movie is must watch film… The best film in the history of Indian Cinema!


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